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Non-Airport Code: London

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Location codes 21-40 of 45 for London:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
QQS London [St. Pancras Railway Station], England, GB
EGLW London (Battersea) [London Heliport (Westland Heliport)], England, GB
ZLS London [Liverpool Street Railway Station], England, GB
QQU London [Euston Railway Station], England, GB
ZEP London [Victoria Railway Station], England, GB
EGRB London [Weather Center], England, GB
TTK London [Tottenham Hale Station], England, GB
ZGD New London [New London Rail], Connecticut, US
XDQ London [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
(EGCR) London [Croydon Airport], England, GB (Airport is no longer in operation)
OI42 New London [D A Chandler Airport], Ohio, US
W90 Forest [New London Airport], Virginia, US
WS76 New London [Black Dog Farm Airport], Wisconsin, US
NH40 New London [Eagles Nest Airport], New Hampshire, US
3WN4 New London [Mark's Park & Airfield], Wisconsin, US
2WN3 New London [Curns Airport], Wisconsin, US
NH99 New London [New London Hospital Heliport], New Hampshire, US
5KY9 London [St. Joseph - London Heliport], Kentucky, US
CLC2 London [Chapeskie Field Airport], Ontario, CA
CPW2 London [London Victoria Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA

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