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No exact matches. Location codes 1-20 of 45 similar to OP1Z:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OP1Z Dhana River Valley Heliport, PK
6CO8 Montrose [West Area Pwr Admin Ops Center Heliport], Colorado, US
CA85 Irvine [Opus Center Irvine Heliport], California, US
SABA Buenos Aires (Obs.), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, AR
SIUJ São José dos Campos [The One Office Tower], São Paulo, BR
SNJT Taubaté [The One Office Tower Taubaté], São Paulo, BR
SWKM Barueri [Castelo Branco Office Park - Torre II], São Paulo, BR
SIPQ Cabo de Santo Agostinho [Office Park], Pernambuco, BR
SWFT São Luís [Office Tower], Maranhão, BR
SJEB São Paulo [Millennium Office Park], São Paulo, BR
SIMD São Paulo [Resedá Office], São Paulo, BR
SIYT São Paulo [Office Tower Itaim], São Paulo, BR
SDLB São Paulo [Metropolitan Office], São Paulo, BR
GE88 Rome [Floyd County Sheriffs Office Heliport], Georgia, US
AZ33 Phoenix [Knoell-Main Office Heliport], Arizona, US
3LS3 New Orléans [Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Heliport], Louisiana, US
13VA Fairfax [State Police Area 48 Office Heliport], Virginia, US
CL12 Los Angeles [St. Vincent Professional Office Building Heliport], California, US
19FD Kissimmee [Osceola Sheriff's Office - Bronson Highway Heliport], Florida, US
MA57 Natick [US Property & Fiscal Office Heliport], Massachusetts, US

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