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No exact matches. Location codes 81-100 of 362 similar to RK3Q:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SBRQ São Roque, São Paulo, BR
CWRR Rock River (MAPS), Yukon, CA
SNDR Timon [Domingos Rego], Maranhão, BR
RK75 Roka 5TH Div [C 254 Heliport], KR
SIZT São Roque [Taxaquara Golf Club], São Paulo, BR
29LA Baton Rouge [Our Lady of The Lake Regional Medical Center Heliport], Louisiana, US
SC64 Orangeburg [The Reg Medical Center of Orbg & Calhoun Co. Heliport], South Carolina, US
SIOL Costa Rica [Fazenda Rio Bonito], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
SJAS Reginópolis [Fazenda São Roque], São Paulo, BR
ROMO Rocky Mountain National Park [Rocky Mountain NP], Colorado, US
KRBE RBE Bassett [Rock County Airport], Nebraska, US
HSRJ Raga [Raga Airport], Western Bahr el Ghazal, SS
88NV Gerlach [Black Rock City Muni Airport (Burning Man)], Nevada, US
CWRM Rocky House (MARS), Alberta, CA
RPMB (GES) General Santos [Rajah Buayan Air Station], South Cotabato, PH
OG13 Ruch [Fly By Night Airport], Oregon, US
SJDT Aquidauana [Fazenda São Roque], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
SDXJ Costa Rica, Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
PR10 Cabo Rojo [Boqueron Airport], Puerto Rico, US
SSYB Costa Rica [Fazenda Santa Elza], Mato Grosso do Sul, BR

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