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No exact matches. Location codes 21-40 of 191 similar to VA44:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LFLS GNB Grenoble [Alpes-Isère Airport (St-Geoirs Airport)], V, FR
LFLY LYN Lyon [Bron], V, FR
LFLP NCY Annecy [Meythet], V, FR
EGAH Halley Research Station (Halley VI Research Station), Brunt Ice Shelf, AQ
KNUQ NUQ NUQ Mountain View [Moffett Federal Airfield], California, US
LRTR TSR Timisoara [Traian Vuia Intl (Giarmata Airport)], Timisdepartment, RO
SVMC MAR Maracaibo [La Chinita], V, VE
LFKP La Tour du Pin Cessieu, V, FR
KCTJ CTJ Carrollton [West Georgia Regional - O V Gray Field], Georgia, US
LFLU VAF Valence [Chabeuil], V, FR
LFLE Chambery [Challes-lès-Eaux], V, FR
LFMH EBU St-Étienne [St-Étienne Bouthéon Airport], V, FR
LFLJ CVF Courchevel [Courchevel Altiport], V, FR
SAWE RGA Rio Grande, V, AR
LFLG Grenoble [Le Versoud], V, FR
FNBG BUG Benguela [Gen V Deslandes], Benguela, AO
SVRX Hacienda Rio Yaza, V, VE
LFJE La Motte Chalancon, V, FR
SDIP Caçapava [Fazenda Centro de Vôo a Vela Ipuã], São Paulo, BR
LFHM MVV Megève, V, FR

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