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No exact matches. Location codes 121-140 of 191 similar to VA44:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
0P1 Prairie View [Van Pak Airport], Kansas, US
PA65 Coplay [Hi-Vu Airport], Pennsylvania, US
CL10 Malibu [Anacapa View Estates Heliport], California, US
49PA Stone Church [Gap View Airport], Pennsylvania, US
58XS Sterling City [McEntire's Lazy V Ranch Airport], Texas, US
CO67 Carr [Big View Airport], Colorado, US
22KS Wichita [Via Christi Regional Medical Center-St. Francis Campus Heliport], Kansas, US
OI41 Hiram [Far View Airport], Ohio, US
4TA2 China Spring [V-Bar Airport], Texas, US
0KS0 Osage City [J V Ranch Airport], Kansas, US
WN23 Sequim [Grand View Intl], Washington, US
6KY1 Lebanon [Spring View Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
11V Greeley [Easton Airport (Valley View)], Colorado, US
NC46 Salisbury [Salisbury V A Medical Center Heliport], North Carolina, US
TN10 Sharps Chapel [Lake View Airport], Tennessee, US
TN42 Whitwell [Valley View Assisted Living Heliport], Tennessee, US
CD35 Dove Creek [Pleasant View Heliport], Colorado, US
4NY0 Beekmantown [Mountain View Airpark], New York, US
18PN Upper Strasburg [Spud View Airport], Pennsylvania, US
57WI Plymouth [Aurora Valley View Medical Center Heliport], Wisconsin, US

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