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Location codes 41-60 of 113 in Afghanistan:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OAYQ Yangi Qala, Takhar, AF
OALL Lal, Ghor, AF
OAZJ ZAJ Zaranj, Nimruz, AF
OAQQ Qar-Qin, Jowzjan, AF
OAOO Deshoo, Helmand, AF
OARG URZ Uruzgan, Urozgan, AF
OATQ TQN Taluqan, Takhar, AF
OAOG URN Urgoon, Paktika, AF
OAGA Ghaziabad, Nangarhar, AF
OAQM Kron Monajn, Badakhshan, AF
OATD Toorghodi, Herat, AF
OAEM Eshkashem (Iskachem), Badakhshan, AF
OAEK Keshm, Badakhshan, AF
OAEQ Islam-Qala, Herat, AF
OAQA Qalat, Zabul, Zabul, AF
OADW Wazakhaw, Paktika, AF
OAQD Qades, Urozgan, AF
OABG Baghlan-Farm, Baghlan, AF
OAAK Andkhoi, Faryab, AF
OASG Sheberghan, Jowzjan, AF

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