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Location codes 441-460 of 896 in Australia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YTNG THG Thangool (Biloela), Queensland, AU
YLIN LDC Lindeman Island, Queensland, AU
YWCA WIO Wilcannia, New South Wales, AU
YCMT CMQ Clermont, Queensland, AU
YGPT GPN Pirlangimpi (Garden Point) [Garden Point], Melville Island, Northern Territory, AU
YMTA MIY Mittiebah, Northern Territory, AU
YSHW Luscombe [Holsworthy Army Airfield], New South Wales, AU
YMHW Mount Howitt, Queensland, AU
YCHT CXT Charters Towers, Queensland, AU
YMUL Murray Field, Western Australia, AU
YNIC NLS Nicholson, Western Australia, AU
YCAC CTR Cattle Creek, Northern Territory, AU
YMAA UBB Mabuiag Island, Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, AU
YBIL BIW Billiluna, Western Australia, AU
YDNI NLF Darnley Island (Erub Island), Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, AU
YSPT SHQ Southport (Ernest), Queensland, AU
YCTC Telfer [Cotten Creek Airport], Western Australia, AU
YSWL SWC Stawell, Victoria, AU
YYKI OKR Masig Island (Yorke Island), Torres Strait Islands, Queensland, AU
YBYS BVZ Beverley Springs, Western Australia, AU

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