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Location codes 521-540 of 2406 in Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CWSV Blue River (MARS), British Columbia, CA
CBK4 Vancouver [Vancouver General Hospital Heliport], British Columbia, CA
CWAH Amherst (MARS), Nova Scotia, CA
XIA Guelph [Railway Station], Ontario, CA
CWQC Port Alberni (MARS), British Columbia, CA
CZGF ZGF Grand Forks [Grand Forks Airport], British Columbia, CA
ZAA Alice Arm (Kitsault), British Columbia, CA
XQU CAT4 Qualicum Beach [Qualicum Beach Airport], British Columbia, CA
CWNU YSS Slate Island, Ontario, CA
CYBT YBT Brochet, Manitoba, CA
YRC Refuge Cove [Refuge Cove SPB], British Columbia, CA
CYUW YUW Dewar Lakes [Dewar Lakes Airport], Nunavut, CA
CJH CAG3 Chilko Lake [Chilko Lake (Tsylos Park Lodge) Aerodrome], British Columbia, CA
CYNM YNM Matagami [Matagami Airport], Québec, CA
CWBK Caribou Point (MAPS), Nova Scotia, CA
CWRW Fourchu Head (MAPS), Nova Scotia, CA
CYCS YCS Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut, CA
XPX Pointe-aux-Trembles [Railway Station], Québec, CA
WPL CAQ8 Powell River [Powell Lake Water Aerodrome], British Columbia, CA
CYBF YBY Bonnyville [Bonnyville Airport], Alberta, CA

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