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Location codes 881-900 of 2406 in Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CEK7 High Level [Footner Lake Water Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CPF9 Port Carling [Lake Rosseau (Arthurlie Bay Water Aerodrome)], Ontario, CA
CLC3 Calgary [Calgary Peter Lougheed Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA
CTA9 Gatineau [Ottawa/Gatineau Casino Heliport], Québec, CA
CEE2 Calgary [Elephant Enterprises Inc. Heliport], Alberta, CA
CLS3 Fort McMurray [Fort McMurray (South Liege) Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFX2 Okotoks [Calgary/Okotoks Air Park], Alberta, CA
CFS2 Fort Simpson [Fort Simpson/Great Slave No. 1 Heliport], Northwest Territories, CA
CWYN Swift (MARS), Saskatchewan, CA
CPV6 Barry's Bay [Barry's Bay St. Francis Memorial Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA
CGR2 Gold River [Gold River E & B Helicopters Heliport], British Columbia, CA
CLD2 Leduc (Edmonton) [Edmonton/Leduc Heliport], Alberta, CA
CBZ3 Fort St. John [Tompkins Mile 54 Airport], British Columbia, CA
CWP3 Leslieville [W. Pidhirney Residence Heliport], Alberta, CA
CFM6 Teepee [Teepee Airport], Alberta, CA
CLB6 Lac Berthelot [La Grande-4 (Lac de la Falaise Water Aerodrome)], Québec, CA
CRS3 Okotoks [Calgary (Christiansen Field Aerodrome)], Alberta, CA
CTA4 St. Bruno de Guigues, Québec, CA
CNV6 Orillia [Lake St John Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CTF4 Dundalk [Dundalk (Tripp Field) Aerodrome], Ontario, CA

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