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Location codes 1041-1060 of 2406 in Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CJL6 Altona [Muni], Manitoba, CA
CJL8 Kasba Lake, Northwest Territories, CA
CDT3 Arichat [Arichat St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA
CSQ2 Chase (Shuswap Lake) [Skwlax Field (Shuswap Aerodrome)], British Columbia, CA
CTJ2 Québec City [Coast Guard Heliport], Québec, CA
CSL2 La Sarre [La Sarre Heliport], Québec, CA
CJX6 Lac du Bonnet [Bird River Water Aerodrome], Manitoba, CA
CGD2 Alma [Alma (Rivière La Grande Décharge) Water Aerodrome], Québec, CA
CHB2 Churchill [Churchill Hudson Bay Helicopters Heliport], Manitoba, CA
CSD9 Lac-des-Loups [Parc Gatineau Water Aerodrome], Québec, CA
CSP5 Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu [Saint-Mathias Aerodrome], Québec, CA
CLM3 Bracebridge [Lake Muskoka (Alport Bay Water Aerodrome)], Ontario, CA
CEW9 Canmore [Muni Heliport], Alberta, CA
CBQ7 Kemess Mine [Kemess Creek Airport], British Columbia, CA
CPL5 Thessalon [Muni], Ontario, CA
CSM6 Maniwaki [Blue Sea Lake Water Aerodrome], Québec, CA
CRB4 Mont-Valin [Rivière Bonnard Airport], Québec, CA
CTM2 Temagami [Mine Landing Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CFY8 Colomac Mine [Colomac Airport], Northwest Territories, CA
CFR3 Fall River [Fall River Water Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA

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