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Location codes 1621-1640 of 2406 in Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CKD8 Kirkfield [Balsam Lake Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CKE5 Sandy Lake First Nation [Sandy Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CBA7 Scar Creek [Scar Creek Airport], British Columbia, CA
CEQ3 Camrose, Alberta, CA
CDJ4 Clearwater [Clearwater Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA
CAY2 Gang Ranch [Gang Ranch Airport], British Columbia, CA
CPH3 Grand Valley, Ontario, CA
CEK6 Killam-Sedgewick, Alberta, CA
CRL4 Kirby Lake [Kirby Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CFZ3 Medicine Hat [Schlenker Airport], Alberta, CA
CBB9 Osoyoos [Osoyoos Airport], British Columbia, CA
CPK8 Renfrew [Black Donald Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CAV8 Shawnigan Lake [Shawnigan Lake Water Aerodrome], British Columbia, CA
CTQ2 Weller, Québec, CA
CFT9 Zama Lake [Zama Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CFR5 Alban [French River/Alban Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CSW4 Bracebridge [Bracebridge (Stone Wall Farm) Aerodrome], Ontario, CA
CFK4 Calling Lake [Calling Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CNF8 Dwight, Ontario, CA
CCX2 Foxtrap [Long Pond Heliport], Newfoundland and Labrador, CA

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