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Location codes 481-500 of 559 in Chile:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SCBS Bahia Posesion, CL
SCCP Casablanca El Porvenir, CL
SCDK Domeyko, CL
SCDO Farellones Hel Valle Nevado, CL
SCDR Isla Diego Ramirez, CL
SCDU Punta Dugenes, CL
SCEE Linares Esmeralda, CL
SCEF Isla Rey Jorge Montalva, CL
SCEK Chepica, CL
SCFP Fundo Pucalan, CL
SCFV Molina Fundo Santa Victoria, CL
SCGB Los Sauces Guadaba, CL
SCGR Llanada Grande El Manso, CL
SCGT Coyhaique Arroyo el Gato, CL
SCIG Isla Guafo, CL
SCIX Isla Lenox, CL
SCJC Ranguelmo, CL
SCJJ Collipulli, CL
SCKC Cunco Roberto Chavez, CL

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