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Location codes 81-100 of 142 in Costa Rica:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MRPP Paquera [Playa Pajaros], Puntarenas, CR
MRCO Filadelfia [El Cerrito], Guanacaste, CR
MRST San Agustín, Puntarenas, CR
MRPA Nandayure [Palo Arco], Guanacaste, CR
MRDC Duacari 2, Limón, CR
MRDD Bratsi [Don Diego], Limón, CR
MRBM Guacimo [Bremen], Limón, CR
MRFD Finca Delicias, Puntarenas, CR
MRPY Playa Ballena, Puntarenas, CR
MRDM Chorotega [Dos Marias], Puntarenas, CR
MRET Parrita [Esterillos (Finca)], Puntarenas, CR
MRUP UPL Upala, Alajuela, CR
MRYT Guacimo [Yucatica], Limón, CR
MRCH Chacharita, Puntarenas, CR
MRLE Laurel, Puntarenas, CR
MRSN Golfito [Sirena], Puntarenas, CR
MRJO Jaco [Jaco], Puntarenas, CR
MRPS Santa Cruz [Peñas Blancas], Guanacaste, CR
FMG Flamingo, Guanacaste, CR
MRAJ Miramar [Aranjuez], Puntarenas, CR

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