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Location codes 21-40 of 73 in Denmark:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EKSL Copenhagen [Skovlund], DK
EKHR North Sea [Horns Rev A Helideck], DK
EKHK Ny Hagested, DK
EKNI North Sea [Nini Helideck], DK
EKHA North Sea [Halfdan A Helideck], DK
EKCE North Sea [Cecilie Helideck], DK
EKLS BYR Læsø (Laesoe), DK
EKSI North Sea [Siri Helideck], DK
EKTS TED Thisted, DK
EKSA QFH Saeby (Sæby, Frederikshavn) [Ottestrup (Karup)], Nordjylland, DK
EKMB MRW Lolland Falster [Maribo], DK
EKGC North Sea [Gorm C Helideck], DK
ZBB Esbjerg [Railway Station], Syddanmark, DK
EKVD Kolding [Vamdrup], DK
EKHD North Sea [Harald Helideck], DK
EKRF North Sea [Rolf Helideck], DK
EKSC North Sea [Skjold Helideck], DK
EKAE Aerø (Aeroe), DK

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