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Location codes 181-200 of 352 in United Kingdom:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGRR Bracknell / Beaufort Park [Met Center], England, GB
EGBM Tatenhill [Tatenhill Aerodrome], Staffordshire, England, GB
EGCK Caernarfon, Caernarfonshire, Wales, GB
EGWE Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, GB
EGXT Wittering, Northamptonshire, England, GB
EGNE Retford (Gamston), Nottinghamshire, England, GB
EGOQ EG72 Mona [RAF Mona], Anglesey, Wales, GB
EGSF Peterborough [Conington], Huntingdonshire, England, GB
EGEF FIE Fair Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotland, GB
EGBG Leicester, Leicestershire, England, GB
EGFP Pembry Sands, Carmarthen, Wales, GB
QQX Bath [Railway Station], England, GB
EGSL Andrewsfield (Great Saling), Essex, England, GB
EGBL Long Marston, Gloucestershire, England, GB
EGLG Panshanger, Hertfordshire, England, GB
EGEH WHS Whalsay, Shetland Islands, Scotland, GB
EGNU Full Sutton, Yorkshire, England, GB
EGUP Sculthorpe, Norfolk, England, GB
EGBV Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England, GB
EGCV Sleap [Sleap Aerodrome], Shropshire, England, GB

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