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Location codes 1-20 of 75 in Greenland:

ICAO  IATA  Location
BGSF SFJ Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Strømfjord, Sondrestrom) [Kangerlussuaq Airport], Qeqqata, GL
BGBW UAK Narsarsuaq, Kujalleq, GL
BGGH GOH Nuuk [Godthåb/Nuuk], Sermersooq, GL
BGKK KUS Kulusuk, Sermersooq, GL
BGTL THU Pituffik (Dundas) [Thule AB], GL
BGJN JAV Jakobshavn (Ilulissat), Qaasuitsup, GL
BGSS JHS Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg), Qeqqata, GL
BGCO CNP Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) [Neerlerit Inaat Airport (Constable Point Airport)], Sermersooq, GL
BGQQ NAQ Qaanaaq, Qaasuitsup, GL
BGAA JEG Aasiaat (Egedesminde, Ausiat), Qaasuitsup, GL
BGAP LLU Alluitsup Paa, Kujalleq, GL
BGPT JFR Paamiut (Frederikshåb, Frederikshaab) [Paamiut Airport], Sermersooq, GL
BGUK JUV Upernavik, Qaasuitsup, GL
BGMQ JSU Sukkertoppen (Maniitsoq), Qeqqata, GL
BGAM AGM Tasiilaq (Ammassalik, Angmagssalik), Sermersooq, GL
BGUQ JQA Uummannaq (Umanak) [Qaarsut], Qaasuitsup, GL
BGSV SVR Savissivik [Savissivik Heliport], Qaasuitsup, GL
BGNN JNN Nanortalik [Nanortalik Heliport], Kujalleq, GL
BGNS JNS Narsaq [Narsaq Helipport], Kujalleq, GL
BGJH JJU Qaqortoq (Julianehåb, Julianehaab) [Qaqortoq Heliport], Kujalleq, GL

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