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Location codes 61-80 of 344 in Indonesia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WIPB LLJ Lubuk Linggau (Silampari) [Silampari Airport], Sumatera Selatan, ID
WATE ENE Ende (Ipi) [H Hasan Aroeboesman Airport (Ende Airport)], Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, ID
WAPL LUV Langgur [Dumatubin], Kai Island, Maluku, ID
WIMN DTB Siborong-Borong (Tarutung) [Silangit Airport], Sumatera Utara, ID
WAML PLW Palu [Mutiara], Sulawesi Tengah, ID
WAWB BUW Baubau (Bau Bau) [Betoambari], Sulawesi Tenggara, ID
WABF FOO Biak Numfoor [Numfoor Airport (Kornasoren Airport, Kemiri Airport)], Irian Jaya Island, Papua, ID
WAJI ZRM Sarmi [Orai Airport], Papua, ID
WAOK KBU Stagen (Kotabaru) [Gusti Sjamsir Alam Airport (Stagen Airport)], Laut Island, Kalimantan Selatan, ID
WRLS SRI Samarinda [Temindung Airport], Kalimantan Timur, ID
WAMK KAZ Kao, Maluku Utara, ID
WIBR RKI Sipora [Rokot Airport], Sumatera Barat, ID
WIPL BKS Bengkulu [Fatmawati Soekarno Airport (Padang Kemiling Airport)], Bengkulu, ID
WAPE MAL Mangole [Falabisahaya Airport], Mangole Island, Maluku, ID
WASR MKW Manokwari [Rendani], Irian Jaya, Papua, ID
WIJB BUU Muara Bungo [Muara Bungo Airport], Jambi, ID
WAKG EWE Ewer [Ewer Airport], Papua, ID
WITA TPK Tapak Tuan [Teuku Cut Ali], Aceh, ID
WAMJ GEB Gebe [Gebe Airport], Maluku Utara, ID
WAOS SMQ Sampit [Sampit Airport (Hasan Airport)], Kalimantan Tengah, ID

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