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Location codes 101-120 of 281 in Iran:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OI18 Khark Island [Khark Island Heliport Seaplane Base], Bushehr, IR
OI13 Mahmudabad, Fars, IR
OIBX Bozorg Island [Tonb-e Bozorg Airport], Hormozgan, IR
OIIB Eyvanakei [Boland Parvaz Airport], Kurdistan, IR
OIMQ Kashmar [Kashmar Airport], Central Khorasan, IR
OITU IMQ Maku [Maku Airport], West Azerbaijan, IR
OIMG Mashhad [Golbahar Airport], Central Khorasan, IR
OIYR Mehriz [Mehriz Airport], Qom, IR
OI1C Mehtar Kalateh [Mehtar Kalateh Airport], Mazandaran, IR
OIYP Yazd [Pardis Yazd Airport], Qom, IR
OIAE Behbahan, IR
OIAK Haft Gel, IR
OIAN Andimeshk, IR
OIAR Ramhormoz, IR
OIAT Abadan City, IR
OIBC Dastak, IR
OIBD Bandar Deylam, IR
OIBF Forouz, IR
OIBG Ganaveh, IR

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