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Location codes 81-100 of 202 in Italy:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LIDI CDF Cortina d'Ampezzo [Fiames], Veneto, IT
LIBY Santa Maria di Leuca, IT
LIBN LCC Lecce [Galatina], Apulia, IT
LIMB Milano [Bresso], Lombardy, IT
LINL Lecce [Lepore San Cataldo], IT
LIMS QPZ Piacenza (Piacenza San Damiano), Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIQL LCV Lucca [Lucca-Tassignano Enrico Squaglia Airport], Tuscany, IT
LICP Palermo (Boccadifalco) [Palermo-Boccadifalco (Emanuele Notarbartolo Airport)], Sicily, IT
ZMI Naples (Napoli) [Mergellina Railway Station], Campania, IT
LIQB QZO Arezzo [Arezzo-Molin Bianco Airport], Tuscany, IT
LILE Biella [Biella-Cerrione Airport (Sace)], Piedmont, IT
ZMJ Naples (Napoli) [Mergellina Harbour], Campania, IT
LIRH QFR Frosinone [Frosinone Girolamo Moscardini Airport], Lazio, IT
LIPL Ghedi (Brescia) [Brescia-Ghedi Alfredo Fusco Airport], Lombardy, IT
LIET TTB Tortolý (Arbatax), Sardinia, IT
LICF QME Messina, Sicily, IT
LIRB Vigna di Valle, IT
LIQN QRT Rieti, Lazio, IT
LIRM Caserta (Grazzanise) [Caserta-Grazzanise Airport (Carlo Romagnoli)], Campania, IT

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