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Location codes 1-20 of 26 in Mauritania:

ICAO  IATA  Location
GQNO NKC Nouakchott [Nouakchott-Oumtounsy Intl], MR
GQPP NDB Nouadhibou (Port-Étienne) [Intl], MR
GQNE BGH Boghé (Bogué) [Abbaye Airport], MR
GQNS SEY Sélibaby [Sélibaby Airport], MR
GQPA ATR Atar [Intl], MR
GQNU MBR M'bout (Mbout), MR
GQNN (NKC) Nouakchott [Intl], MR
GQNI EMN Néma [Néma Airport], MR
GQNK KED Kaédi [Kaédi Airport], MR
GQND TIY Tidjikja, MR
GQPC CGT Chinguetti [Chinguetti Airport], MR
GQNL MOM Moudjeria [Letfotar Airport], MR
GQNC THI Tichitt (Tichit) [Tichitt Airport], MR
GQNJ AJJ Akjoujt, MR
GQNA AEO Aioun el Atrouss, MR
GQNT THT Tamchakett [Tamchakett Airport], MR
GQPT Bir Mogrein (Bir Moghrein) [Bir Mogrein Airport], MR
OUZ Zouérat (Zouérate) [Tazadit Airport], MR

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