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Location codes 181-200 of 376 in Papua-New Guinea:

ICAO  IATA  Location
GRH Garuahi, Milne Bay, PG
AYKC KDR Kandrian [Kandrian Airport], West New Britain, PG
AEK Aseki, Morobe, PG
PPX Param, Milne Bay, PG
GRL Garasa, Morobe, PG
BPD Bapi, Morobe, PG
GEI Green Islands, Bougainville, PG
KAK Kar, Southern Highlands, PG
SMJ Sim, Morobe, PG
BAA Bialla, West New Britain, PG
WAB Wabag, Enga, PG
KWO Kawito, Western, PG
ULE Sule, West New Britain, PG
PGE Yegepa, Morobe, PG
WIU Witu, West New Britain, PG
TSI Tsili Tsili, Morobe, PG
DPU Dumpu, Madang, PG
IBI Iboki, West New Britain, PG
TSK Taskul, New Ireland, PG
KRU Kerau, Central, PG

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