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Location codes 1-20 of 34 in Romania:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LROP OTP Bucharest [Henri Coanda Intl (Otopeni)], Ilfov, RO
LRCL CLJ Cluj-Napoca [Cluj Intl (Someseni Airport)], Cluj, RO
LRBS BBU Bucharest [Aurel Vlaicu Intl (Baneasa Airport, Bucharest City Airport)], Bucuresti, RO
LRTR TSR Timisoara [Traian Vuia Intl (Giarmata Airport)], Timisdepartment, RO
LRCK CND Constanta [Mihail Kogainiceanu Intl], Constanta, RO
LRIA IAS Iasi [Intl], Iasi, RO
LRSB SBZ Sibiu, Sibiu, RO
LRBM BAY Baia Mare [Tautii Magheraus], Maramures, RO
BUH Bucharest [Metro Area], Bucuresti, RO
LRSV SCV Suceava [Suceava Stefan cel Mare Intl (Salcea Airport)], Suceava, RO
LROD OMR Oradea, Bihor, RO
LRCV CRA Craiova [Intl], Dolj, RO
LRBC BCM Bacau [George Enescu Intl], Bacau, RO
LRSM SUJ Satu Mare [Intl], Satu Mare, RO
LRTM TGM Targu Mures [Transilvania Targu Mures Intl (Vidrasau)], Mures, RO
LRAR ARW Arad [Intl], Arad, RO
LRCT Cāmpia Turzii [RoAF 71st Air Base (Luna Airfield)], Cluj, RO
LRTC TCE Tulcea [Cataloi], Tulcea, RO
LRTZ Tuzla (costinesti, Eforie Sud) [Tuzle Airfield], Constanta, RO
LRDV DVA Deva [Saulesti Airport], Hunedoara, RO

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