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Location codes 201-220 of 845 in Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UHPN Manily' [Manily' Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU
UITT UKX Ust-Kut [Ust-Kut Airport], Irkutskaya, RU
UNII EIE Yeniseysk [Yeniseysk Airport], Krasnoyarskiy, RU
USHQ EYK Beloyarskiy [Beloyarskiy Airport (Kislor West)], Khanty-Mansiyskiy, RU
URMS IGT Sleptsovskaya (Magas, Nazran) [Magas Airport (Magas Oskanov Airport, Sleptsovskaya Airport)], Ingushetiya, RU
UHPD Ossora [Ossora Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU
UHPA Pakhachi [Pakhachi Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU
UWKB UUA Bugul'ma [Bugul'ma Airport], Tatarstan, RU
UUYS USK Usinsk [Usinsk Airport], Komi, RU
UHHY Chumikan, Khabarovskiy, RU
UHNK Mar-Kyuel' [Mar-Kyuel' Airport], Khabarovskiy, RU
UHWP TLY Plastun [Plastun Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UEDN Khorula, Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
UHEB Billings [Billings Heliport], Chukotskiy, RU
UHPG Tigil' [Tigil' Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU
UWKS CSY Cheboksary, Chavashskaya, RU
URFF Simferopol [Simferopol Airport], Crimea, RU
USMM NYM Nadym [Nadym Airport], Yamalo-Nenetskiy, RU
UHPM Mil'kovo [Mil'kovo Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU
UHQO Ozernaya [Ozernaya Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU

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