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Location codes 121-140 of 845 in Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UERO ONK Olenek [Olenek Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
UIUS Sosnovo-Ozerskoe, Buryatiya, RU
UIUR Varvarinsk [Varvarinsk Airport], Buryatiya, RU
USII IJK Izhevsk [Izhevsk Airport], Udmurtskaya, RU
URRR (ROV) Rostov-on-Don (Rostov-Na-Donu) [Rostov-on-Don Airport], Rostovskaya, RU
UUXQ Ust'-Voya, Komi, RU
UEBB BQJ Batagay [Batagay Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
ULWC CEE Cherepovets [Cherepovets Airport], Vologodskaya, RU
UEMH KDY Teply'j Klyuch (Khandyga, Teply Klyuch) [Teply'j Klyuch Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
UUYW VKT Vorkuta [Vorkuta Airport], Komi, RU
UNIP TGP Bor [Podkamennaya Tunguska Airport], Krasnoyarskiy, RU
UUOK URS Kursk [Vostochny Airport], Kurskaya, RU
UIUI Ust'-Barguzin, Buryatiya, RU
UIAO Barguzin, Buryatiya, RU
UOII IAA Igarka [Igarka Airport], Krasnoyarskiy, RU
UEBS SUK Batagay-Alyta [Sakkyryr Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
UODD DKS Dikson [Dikson Airport], Krasnoyarskiy, RU
UHMO KVM Markovo, Chukotskiy, RU
UERS SYS Saskylakh (Sashylakh), Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
UEBT UKG Ust'-Kujga [Ust'-Kujga Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU

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