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Location codes 161-180 of 845 in Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UIUI Ust'-Barguzin, Buryatiya, RU
UHWT NEI Terney (Ternej) [Terney Airport], Primorskiy, RU
ULAS CSH Solovetsky (Solovetskiy, Kremli) [Solovki Airport], Solovetsky Islands, Arkhangelskaya, RU
ULKM Urdoma Ks-13, Arkhangelskaya, RU
UNKY KYZ Kyzyl [Kyzyl Airport], Tyva (Tuva), RU
UIKB ODO Bodaybo [Bodaybo Airport], Irkutskaya, RU
UUMT Lukhovitsy (Kolomna) [Tretyakovo], Moskovskaya, RU
UIKM Mama [Mama Airport], Irkutskaya, RU
USDK YMK My's Kamenny'j (Mys-Kamenny) [My's Kamenny'j Airport], Yamalo-Nenetskiy, RU
UHTG AEM Amgu, Primorskiy, RU
UHSX Chajvo Bkp-2, Sakhalinskaya, RU
UUMB Kubinka [Kubinka Airport], Moskovskaya, RU
UHSN NGK Nogliki [Nogliki Airport], Sakhalinskaya, RU
UUYW VKT Vorkuta [Vorkuta Airport], Komi, RU
UESX Aleko-Kyuel', Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
USNR RAT Raduzhnyi [Vareghan West], Khanty-Mansiyskiy, RU
UIUS Sosnovo-Ozerskoe, Buryatiya, RU
UIAO Barguzin, Buryatiya, RU
UESK SEK Srednekoly'msk [Srednekoly'msk Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
URWI ESL Elista [Intl], Kalmykiya, RU

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