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Location codes 61-80 of 87 in Turkey:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LTBH CKZ Canakkale, Çanakkale, TR
LTBO USQ Usak, Usak, TR
LTFB Izmir (Selcuk) [Efes], TR
LTCH SFQ Sanliurfa, Sanliorfa, TR
LTFA Izmir (Cigli West) [Kaklic], TR
LTBD CII Aydin [Cildir Airport], Aydin, TR
LTAW TJK Tokat, Tokat, TR
LTBE BTZ Bursa, Bursa, TR
LTBI ESK Eskisehir, Eskisehir, TR
LTBF BZI Balikesir, Balikesir, TR
LTBG BDM Bandirma, Balikesir, TR
LTAK Iskenderun, TR
LTAH AFY Afyon, Afyonkarahisar, TR
LTAO Malatya [Tulga], TR
LTBP Yalova, TR
LTFK GKD Çanakkale/Gökçeada [Çanakkale Gökçeada Airport], TR
LTBN Kutahya, TR
LTFL Edirne [Kesab Army AB], Edirne, TR
LTHB Diyarbakir [Ünal Erkan Heliport], TR
LTBM Isparta, TR

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