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Location codes 21-40 of 71 in Tanzania:

ICAO  IATA  Location
HTTB TBO Tabora [Tabora Airport], Tabora, TZ
HTSE Same [Same Airstrip], Kilimanjaro, TZ
HTMD MWN Mwadui [Mwadui Airport], Shinyanga, TZ
HTKC Soit Sambu [Klein's Camp Airport], Arusha, TZ
HTGR GTZ Grumeti [Kirawira B Airport], Mara, TZ
HTWK West Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro, TZ
HTMO Mombo [Mombo Airstrip], Tanga, TZ
HTMR Ruaha National Park [Msembe Airstrip], Iringa, TZ
KBH Kahama [Buzwagi Airstrip (Bulyanhulu Airport)], Geita, TZ
HTTG TGT Tanga [Tanga Airport], Tanga, TZ
HTLO Lobo Wildlife Lodge [Lobo Airstrip], Mara, TZ
HTSU SUT Sumbawanga [Sumbawanga Airport], Rukwa, TZ
HTSO SGX Songea [Songea Airport], Ruvuma, TZ
HTSH Mafinga [Mafinga/Sao Hill], Iringa, TZ
HTIR IRI Iringa, Iringa, TZ
HTMK Mikumi National Park [Kikoboga Airstrip], Morogoro, TZ
HTLL Liuli [Liuli Airport], Ruvuma, TZ
HTMI XMI Masasi [Masasi Airport], Mtwara, TZ
HTMC Maswa [Maswa Airport], Shinyanga, TZ
HTMV Mvumi [Mvumi Airport], Dodoma, TZ

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