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Location codes 2541-2560 of 20327 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KRMY RMY Marshall [Brooks Field], Michigan, US
KTTF TTF Monroe [Custer Airport], Michigan, US
KPTW PTW PTW Pottstown [Heritage Field], Pennsylvania, US
KTZV TZV Tompkinsville [Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport], Kentucky, US
KHBI HBI Asheboro [Asheboro Regional], North Carolina, US
KTOB TOB Dodge Center, Minnesota, US
KPT 06U Jackpot [Jackpot/Hayden Field], Nevada, US
PAPE KPV PEV Perryville, Alaska, US
KPNA PNA Pinedale [Ralph Wenz Field], Wyoming, US
KNFD NFD Summerdale [Summerdale NOLF Airport], Alabama, US
KTGC TGC Trenton [Gibson County Airport], Tennessee, US
70FA Vero Beach [Wee Bee Sky Ranch Airport], Florida, US
KRPB RPB Belleville [Muni], Kansas, US
EUE 05U Eureka, Nevada, US
KMBO MBO Madison [Bruce Campbell Field], Mississippi, US
2FD5 Marathon [The Island Fish Co. Heliport], Florida, US
KZB Zachar Bay [Zachar Bay SPB], Alaska, US
CSE 0CO2 Crested Butte [Crested Butte Airpark], Colorado, US
KHLM HLM HLM Holland [Park Township Airport], Michigan, US
NY53 Rome [M & M Airfield], New York, US

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