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Location codes 2581-2600 of 20266 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PAZK AK04 Eureka [Skelton Airport], Alaska, US
KFVX FVX Farmville [Farmville Regional], Virginia, US
TS37 Houston [Harris County Clay Road Courthouse Heliport], Texas, US
4PA1 New Berlin [Sauers-Haven Airport], Pennsylvania, US
KNLW Newport [Naval Station Newport], Rhode Island, US
3AZ6 Sun City West [Banner Del E Webb Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US
ZRL Albany (Rensselaer) [Albany/Rensselaer Rail Station], New York, US
1CA6 Alpine [On The Rocks Airport], California, US
KNDY DGN NDY Dahlgren [Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center Airport], Virginia, US
KMBO MBO Madison [Bruce Campbell Field], Mississippi, US
9WI4 New Berlin [Faken Airport], Wisconsin, US
PGC W99 Petersburg [Grant County Airport], West Virginia, US
KSJS SJS Prestonsburg [Big Sandy Regional], Kentucky, US
KFDW FDW Winnsboro [Fairfield County Airport], South Carolina, US
KVUJ VUJ Albemarle [Stanly County Airport], North Carolina, US
4NY2 College Point [Edo SPB], New York, US
KLWD LWD Lamoni [Muni], Iowa, US
KOEL OEL Oakley [Muni], Kansas, US
18CN San Francisco [UCSF Medical Center Heliport at Mission Bay], California, US
CLF Clear [Clear Sky Lodge Airport], Alaska, US

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