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Location codes 2621-2640 of 20327 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KDCY DCY Washington [Daviess County Airport], Indiana, US
KHEI HEI Hettinger [Muni], North Dakota, US
LIV 4AK Livengood [Livengood Camp Airport], Alaska, US
KBDQ BDQ Morrilton [Muni], Arkansas, US
KNRN NRN Norton [Muni], Kansas, US
W78 South Boston [William M Tuck Airport], Virginia, US
KCZK CZK CZK Cascade Locks [Cascade Locks State Airport], Oregon, US
KCCA CCA Clinton [Muni], Arkansas, US
PR14 Jayuya [Orama-Iayuya Heliport], Puerto Rico, US
KEXX EXX Lexington [Davidson County Airport], North Carolina, US
KEOE EOE Newberry [Newberry County Airport], South Carolina, US
02HI Pearl Harbor [K3 Helipad], Oahu, Hawaii, US
KTVR TVR Tallulah [Vicksburg Tallulah Regional], Louisiana, US
KFYG FYG Washington [Washington Regional], Missouri, US
KCAV CAV Clarion [Muni], Iowa, US
KHYW HYW Conway [Conway-Horry County Airport], South Carolina, US
KONX ONX Currituck [Currituck County Regional], North Carolina, US
KLUL LUL LUL Laurel [Hesler-Noble Field], Mississippi, US
6CA0 Los Angeles [Hotel New Otani Los Angeles Heliport], California, US
KPCA PCA Picacho [Picacho ARNG Heliport], Arizona, US

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