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Location codes 2641-2660 of 20327 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
19WA Stevenson [Key Way Airport], Washington, US
KFTT FTT Fulton [Elton Hensley Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
PAHL HSL HLA Huslia, Alaska, US
PAWN WTK WTK Noatak, Alaska, US
PFTK TKL TKL Taku Lodge [Taku Lodge SPB], Alaska, US
KTVY TVY Tooele [Bolinder Field-Tooele Valley Airport], Utah, US
KAOV AOV Ava [Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
PAJC KCQ AJC Chignik, Alaska, US
KJKL JKL Jackson [Julian Carroll Airport], Kentucky, US
62CA Los Angeles [Bank of America Data Center Heliport], California, US
KUUV UUV Sullivan [Sullivan Regional], Missouri, US
21WA Vancouver [St. Joseph Community Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
PFKU KYU KYU Koyukuk, Alaska, US
KPHG PHG Phillipsburg [Muni], Kansas, US
KPYN PYN Piedmont [Muni], Missouri, US
KMKS MKS Moncks Corner [Berkeley County Airport], South Carolina, US
KUNO UNO West Plains [West Plains Regional], Missouri, US
(KDEN) (DEN) Denver [Stapleton Intl], Colorado, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
KGLR GLR GLR Gaylord [Gaylord Regional], Michigan, US
KMYJ MYJ Mexico [Mexico Memorial Airport], Missouri, US

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