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Location codes 2741-2760 of 20160 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KSLH SLH Cheboygan [Cheboygan County Airport], Michigan, US
00MI Davison [The Waldron Way Heliport], Michigan, US
92FD Melbourne [Nierenberg Estate Heliport], Florida, US
KPHP PHP PHP Philip, South Dakota, US
AHF 37V Arapahoe [Muni], Nebraska, US
KFTT FTT Fulton [Elton Hensley Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
7FA0 Key West [Florida Keys Memorial Hospital Heliport], Florida, US
3CA6 Los Angeles [Trizec 5670 Wilshire LLC Heliport], California, US
8WA9 Seattle [Broadcast House Helistop], Washington, US
19N Berlin [Camden County Airport], New Jersey, US
KCDN CDN CDN Camden [Woodward Field], South Carolina, US
HUD 0K7 Humboldt [Muni], Iowa, US
KAIB AIB Nucla [Hopkins Field], Colorado, US
0W0 Seattle [Seattle Seaplanes SPB], Washington, US
NH60 New Boston [Huff Memorial Airport], New Hampshire, US
KOEL OEL Oakley [Muni], Kansas, US
KSPK SPK Spanish Fork [Spanish Fork Airport Springville-Woodhouse Field], Utah, US
KVER VER Boonville [Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
6TA6 Houston [B & S Warehouse Heliport], Texas, US
KMKA MKA Miller [Muni], South Dakota, US

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