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Location codes 2741-2760 of 20235 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
74TS Lubbock [St. Mary of The Plains Hospital Heliport], Texas, US
ZNC ZNC Nyac, Alaska, US
PAVE VEE VEE Venetie, Alaska, US
KBKN BKN Blackwell [Blackwell-Tonkawa Muni], Oklahoma, US
KGNI GNI Grand Isle [Grand Isle SPB], Louisiana, US
KMGN MGN Harbor Springs, Michigan, US
PMX 13MA Palmer [Metropolitan Airport], Massachusetts, US
KAGZ AGZ Wagner [Muni], South Dakota, US
KEBD EBD Williamson [Appalachian Regional], West Virginia, US
WN01 Seattle [Seattle Private Number One Heliport], Washington, US
KTMK TMK Tillamook, Oregon, US
KAOC AOC Arco [Arco-Butte County Airport], Idaho, US
KCRZ CRZ Corning [Muni], Iowa, US
22CN Los Angeles [ABC-TV Heliport], California, US
FL98 Miami [Kelly Tractor Co. Heliport], Florida, US
3LL6 New Athens [Bickel Airport], Illinois, US
69LL New Boston [Maas Airstrip], Illinois, US
WN16 Seattle [KOMO TV Heliport], Washington, US
VALR World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument [World War II Valor in the Pacific NM], Hawaii, US
KCDN CDN CDN Camden [Woodward Field], South Carolina, US

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