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Location codes 2801-2820 of 20266 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KBYL BYL Williamsburg [Williamsburg-Whitley County Airport], Kentucky, US
KCNC CNC Chariton [Muni], Iowa, US
KCDN CDN CDN Camden [Woodward Field], South Carolina, US
ME06 Charlotte [Flying Ed Airport], Maine, US
KLRG LRG Lincoln [Lincoln Regional], Maine, US
KBDQ BDQ Morrilton [Muni], Arkansas, US
12PR San Juan [Villamil-304 Ponce De Leon Heliport], Puerto Rico, US
TWA A63 Twin Hills, Alaska, US
KIYA IYA Abbeville [Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport], Louisiana, US
KCFJ CFJ Crawfordsville [Crawfordsville Regional], Indiana, US
KHNB HNB HNB Huntingburg, Indiana, US
PARY RBY RBY Ruby, Alaska, US
ZBX MO38 Branson [Table Rock Heliport], Missouri, US
KCMD CMD Cullman [Cullman Regional-Folsom Field], Alabama, US
PAFL TNW Farewell Lake [Tin Creek Airport], Alaska, US
KPD 6PS2 King of Prussia [Stouffers Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
KBXG BXG Waynesboro [Burke County Airport], Georgia, US
KWWR WWR WWR Woodward [West Woodward Airport], Oklahoma, US
KMPR MPR MPR McPherson, Kansas, US
FOST Rome [Fort Stanwix NM (Fort Stanwix National Monument)], New York, US

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