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Location codes 2821-2840 of 20109 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DC07 Washington [MPD 5th Heliport], District of Columbia, US
PFKT KTS KTS Brevig Mission (Teller Mission) [Brevig Mission Airport], Alaska, US
UGB UGB Pilot Point [Ugashik Bay Airport], Alaska, US
MY89 Pine City [Pavek Personal Airport], Minnesota, US
PASO SOV SOV Seldovia, Alaska, US
KMXO MXO MXO Monticello [Monticello Regional], Iowa, US
LL26 New Athens [Schaller Airport], Illinois, US
PPNU AA27 Nuiqsut [Otp Heliport], Alaska, US
KPGR PGR PGR Paragould [Kirk Field], Arkansas, US
PACH CHU 9A3 Chuathbaluk, Alaska, US
PAIG IGG IGG Igiugig, Alaska, US
P18 Phoenix [Papago Army Heliport], Arizona, US
KRED RED Red Lodge, Montana, US
KSBX SBX SBX Shelby, Montana, US
KSPZ SPZ Silver Springs, Nevada, US
WLM MA92 Waltham [Prospect Hill Heliport], Massachusetts, US
AZ34 Yucca [Massey Farm Airport], Arizona, US
PAHL HSL HLA Huslia, Alaska, US
PAWN WTK WTK Noatak, Alaska, US
0OR6 Rome [Rome Service Airport], Oregon, US

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