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Location codes 2841-2860 of 20109 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KNFD NFD Summerdale [Summerdale NOLF Airport], Alabama, US
KWWR WWR WWR Woodward [West Woodward Airport], Oklahoma, US
KPRN PRN Greenville [MacCrenshaw Memorial Airport], Alabama, US
HUD 0K7 Humboldt [Muni], Iowa, US
PAMX MXY 15Z McCarthy, Alaska, US
02HI Pearl Harbor [K3 Helipad], Oahu, Hawaii, US
PAVE VEE VEE Venetie, Alaska, US
KGGI GGI Grinnell [Grinnell Regional], Iowa, US
01NJ Newark [Albert Guido Memorial Heliport], New Jersey, US
CCG E13 Crane [Crane County Airport], Texas, US
CUVA Cuyahoga Valley National Park [Cuyahoga Valley NP], Ohio, US
PADE DRG DEE Deering, Alaska, US
KMPR MPR MPR McPherson, Kansas, US
PAOC PCA A14 Portage Creek, Alaska, US
KJNX JNX Smithfield [Johnston Regional], North Carolina, US
ATE 80F Antlers [Muni], Oklahoma, US
69MN Breckenridge [Yaggie Airport (Private)], Minnesota, US
KMAO MAO Marion [Marion County Airport], South Carolina, US
PDB 4K0 Pedro Bay, Alaska, US
3AZ6 Sun City West [Banner Del E Webb Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US

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