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Location codes 2861-2880 of 20327 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KDYA DYA Demopolis [Demopolis Regional], Alabama, US
PAMB KMO MBA Manokotak, Alaska, US
(KPVZ) N414400 W0811309 [Casement Airport], Ohio, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
KBIJ BIJ Blakely [Early County Airport], Georgia, US
KBUB BUB BUB Burwell [Cram Field], Nebraska, US
00MI Davison [The Waldron Way Heliport], Michigan, US
GMV UT25 Monument Valley, Utah, US
KRBO RBO Robstown [Nueces County Airport], Texas, US
K16 Rome [Becks Grove Airport], New York, US
KGZL GZL Stigler [Stigler Regional], Oklahoma, US
KSXL SXL Summersville, West Virginia, US
KAAS AAS Campbellsville [Taylor County Airport], Kentucky, US
KHDE HDE HDE Holdrege [Brewster Field], Nebraska, US
KIGX Horace Williams, North Carolina, US
KXNO XNO North [North AF Auxiliary Airport], South Carolina, US
KPYX PYX Perryton [Perryton Ochiltree County Airport], Texas, US
KIYA IYA Abbeville [Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport], Louisiana, US
PAWB WBQ WBQ Beaver, Alaska, US
CL04 Elk Grove [Sky Way Estates Airport], California, US
KHVE HVE HVE Hanksville, Utah, US

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