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Location codes 2921-2940 of 20109 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KZB Zachar Bay [Zachar Bay SPB], Alaska, US
KPJC PJC Zelienople [Muni], Pennsylvania, US
2FD5 Marathon [The Island Fish Co. Heliport], Florida, US
KNFD NFD Summerdale [Summerdale NOLF Airport], Alabama, US
9F0 Dublin [Muni], Texas, US
10NV Las Vegas [Sunrise Mountain View Hospital Heliport], Nevada, US
KLRG LRG Lincoln [Lincoln Regional], Maine, US
95IS Warsaw [Jan Knipe Airport], Illinois, US
KKT 50I Kentland [Muni], Indiana, US
SUO S21 Sunriver, Oregon, US
KQA KQA Akutan [Akutan SPB], Alaska, US
CGA CGA Craig [Craig SPB], Alaska, US
6L3 Lisbon [Muni], North Dakota, US
AR64 Melbourne [White River Airport], Arkansas, US
GA31 Palmetto [Two Rocks Airport], Georgia, US
(KNGZ) (NGZ) Alameda [NAS Alameda (Nimitz Field, Benton Field)], California, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
KGGI GGI Grinnell [Grinnell Regional], Iowa, US
PAHY HYG HYG Hydaburg [Hydaburg SPB], Alaska, US
66NE Madrid [Cornelius Farm Airport], Nebraska, US
3LS3 New Orléans [Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Heliport], Louisiana, US

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