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Location codes 2981-3000 of 20109 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CL78 Saugus [Camp 14 Heliport], California, US
DC03 Washington [US Park Police Eagle's Nest Heliport], District of Columbia, US
YUHO Yucca House National Monument [Yucca House NM], Colorado, US
KQA KQA Akutan [Akutan SPB], Alaska, US
PANV ANV ANV Anvik, Alaska, US
6L3 Lisbon [Muni], North Dakota, US
ROMO Rocky Mountain National Park [Rocky Mountain NP], Colorado, US
KTMK TMK Tillamook, Oregon, US
GMV UT25 Monument Valley, Utah, US
5NK1 Newark [Toggenburg Farms Airport], New York, US
KPHG PHG Phillipsburg [Muni], Kansas, US
76VA Vienna [Roubin & Janeiro Inc. Heliport], Virginia, US
KCKP CKP Cherokee [Cherokee County Regional], Iowa, US
KHVE HVE HVE Hanksville, Utah, US
PAHY HYG HYG Hydaburg [Hydaburg SPB], Alaska, US
KRZN RZN Siren [Burnett County Airport], Wisconsin, US
66NE Madrid [Cornelius Farm Airport], Nebraska, US
KMDF MDF Mooreland [Muni], Oklahoma, US
PAKA TEK 7KA Tatitlek, Alaska, US
95IS Warsaw [Jan Knipe Airport], Illinois, US

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