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Location codes 3061-3080 of 20109 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
F44 Athens [Muni], Texas, US
KGZL GZL Stigler [Stigler Regional], Oklahoma, US
CA73 Yuba City [Vanderford Ranch Company Airport], California, US
KBVX BVX BVX Batesville [Batesville Regional], Arkansas, US
KCQB CQB Chandler [Chandler Regional], Oklahoma, US
PALR WCR WCR Chandalar Lake, Alaska, US
(SRF) Novato (San Rafael) [Hamilton AFB (Hamilton AAF)], California, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
KNQB Robertsdale [Silverhill NOLF], Alabama, US
KACZ ACZ Wallace [Henderson Field], North Carolina, US
KPMU PMU Batesville [Panola County Airport], Mississippi, US
GE26 Dublin [Duke Strip 2], Georgia, US
9GA8 East Dublin [Chinaberry Ranch Airport], Georgia, US
PAFW FWL FWL Farewell, Alaska, US
88NV Gerlach [Black Rock City Muni Airport (Burning Man)], Nevada, US
51J Lake City [Lake City Muni-CJ Evans Field], South Carolina, US
81WA Redmond [Jobe Skis Plant 1 Heliport], Washington, US
3VG9 South Boston [Potts Landing Airport], Virginia, US
0MA6 Boston [WBZ Heliport], Massachusetts, US
00TA Fort Worth [SW Region FAA Heliport], Texas, US
KMPJ MPJ MPJ Morrilton [Petit Jean Park Airport], Arkansas, US

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