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Location codes 3101-3120 of 20109 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
88OI Akron [Akron City Hospital Heliport], Ohio, US
WN10 Cougar [Mount St. Helen's Aero Ranch Airport], Washington, US
5PA2 St. John's [Double D Skyranch Airport], Pennsylvania, US
3AZ7 Tempe [The Buttes In Tempe Heliport], Arizona, US
0MA1 Boston [Massachusetts General Hospital Heliport], Massachusetts, US
TE56 Dallas [11 TV Dallas Heliport], Texas, US
44LA Dry Creek [B T & K H Ranch Airport], Louisiana, US
11AL Fort Rucker/Ozark [Ech Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US
KJSY JSY Joseph [Joseph State Airport], Oregon, US
3XA5 Nassau Bay [Houston Methodist St. John Hospital Heliport], Texas, US
AHD 1F0 Ardmore [Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport], Oklahoma, US
KCMD CMD Cullman [Cullman Regional-Folsom Field], Alabama, US
64FL Miami [District Vi Heliport], Florida, US
KMCX MCX Monticello [White County Airport], Indiana, US
DE26 Newark [Christiana Hospital Heliport], Delaware, US
PAPR PPC PPC Prospect Creek, Alaska, US
FAK 2Z6 False Island [False Island SPB], Alaska, US
CL36 San Diego [Sharp Mem Hospital Heliport], California, US
DC06 Washington [MPD 2nd Heliport], District of Columbia, US
MA39 Boston [Brigham & Women's Hospital Heliport], Massachusetts, US

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