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Location codes 3121-3140 of 20109 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VALR World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument [World War II Valor in the Pacific NM], Hawaii, US
51J Lake City [Lake City Muni-CJ Evans Field], South Carolina, US
58MA Marlboro [Boston Scientific Marlboro Heliport], Massachusetts, US
KDAF DAF Necedah, Wisconsin, US
(KILL) (ILL) Willmar [Muni-John L Rice Field], Minnesota, US (Airport is no longer in operation)
KAVK AVK Alva [Alva Regional], Oklahoma, US
KTKO TKO Mankato, Kansas, US
3CL0 Sacramento [UC Davis Medical Center Tower II Heliport], California, US
HI23 Mountain View [Mountain View Airstrip], Hawaii, Hawaii, US
54FD Orlando [LM-ETS Airport], Florida, US
9PA4 Philadelphia [S & C 8th & Market Helistop], Pennsylvania, US
1VA7 South Boston [Aaron Penston Field], Virginia, US
KCQB CQB Chandler [Chandler Regional], Oklahoma, US
34U Elk Rapids [Yuba Airport], Michigan, US
MD47 Lisbon [Barnes Airport], Maryland, US
KSLG SLG SLG Siloam Springs [Smith Field], Arkansas, US
FD25 Vero Beach [Fly In Ranches Airport], Florida, US
2VG8 Warsaw [Folly Neck Airport], Virginia, US
XA87 Athens [Coon Creek Club Heliport], Texas, US
9TA4 Dallas [Placid Heliport], Texas, US

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