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Location codes 141-160 of 20163 in United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ISRO Isle Royale National Park [Isle Royale NP], Michigan, US
PEFO Petrified Forest National Park [Petrified Forest NP], Arizona, US
SAGU Saguaro National Park [Saguaro NP], Arizona, US
SHEN Shenandoah National Park [Shenandoah NP], Virginia, US
VOYA Voyageurs National Park [Voyageurs NP], Minnesota, US
THRO Theodore Roosevelt National Park [Theodore Roosevelt NP], North Dakota, US
KALB ALB ALB Albany [Intl], New York, US
KPSP PSP PSP Palm Springs [Intl], California, US
KEYW EYW EYW Key West [Intl], Florida, US
KDPA DPA DPA Chicago/West Chicago [Dupage Airport], Illinois, US
PGSN SPN GSN Saipan (Obyan) [Saipan Intl (Francisco C. Ada)], Northern Mariana Islands, US
PAFA FAI FAI Fairbanks [Intl], Alaska, US
PHTO ITO ITO Hilo [Hilo Intl], Hawaii, Hawaii, US
KORF ORF ORF Norfolk [Intl], Virginia, US
KRIC RIC RIC Richmond [Intl], Virginia, US
KGSO GSO GSO Greensboro [Piedmont Triad Intl], North Carolina, US
KHSV HSV HSV Huntsville [Intl-Carl T Jones Field], Alabama, US
KSYR SYR SYR Syracuse [Syracuse Hancock Intl], New York, US
KTUL TUL TUL Tulsa [Intl], Oklahoma, US
KGEG GEG GEG Spokane [Intl], Washington, US

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