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Location codes 21-40 of 134 in Zambia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
FLKE CGJ Chingola [Kasompe], Copperbelt, ZM
FLWB West Two, ZM
FLKW Kabwe [Milliken], Central, ZM
FLMB Maamba, ZM
FLWA West One, ZM
FLEA East One, ZM
FLKO KMZ Kaoma [Kaoma Airport], Western, ZM
FLSH Shiwa n'gandu, ZM
FLSN SXG Senanga, ZM
FLMG MNR Mongu, Western, ZM
FLNY Nyimba, ZM
FLCC Chocha, ZM
FLZB BBZ Zambezi, North-Western, ZM
FLYA Samfya, Luapula, ZM
FLMP Mpika, Northern, ZM
FLWF West Six, ZM
FLIK Isoka, ZM
FLEF East Six, ZM
FLNA ZGM Ngoma, Southern, ZM

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