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Location codes 221-240 of 346 in Alberta, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CER2 Castor [Castor Airport], Alberta, CA
CEJ4 Claresholm [Claresholm Industrial], Alberta, CA
CEZ4 Fort Vermilion [Fort Vermilion Airport], Alberta, CA
CRK2 Millet [Creekview Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFB5 Namur Lake [Namur Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CFF6 Talbot Lake, Alberta, CA
CJF4 Buffalo [Buffalo (Jaques Farms) Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFF9 Camrose [Marek Farms Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CCH3 Canmore [Canmore Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA
CES7 Fort McMurray [Fort McMurray Water Aerodrome], Alberta, CA
CFV6 Margaret Lake [Margaret Lake Airport], Alberta, CA
CSL6 Slave Lake [Slave Lake Helicopters Heliport], Alberta, CA
CEN3 Three Hills [Three Hills Airport], Alberta, CA
CFL8 Yates Tower, Alberta, CA
CFR2 Bawlf [Bawlf (Blackwells) Airport], Alberta, CA
CEM4 Innisfail, Alberta, CA
CED5 Taber [Taber Airport], Alberta, CA
CFR4 Kirby, Alberta, CA
CFG7 Steen Tower [Steen Tower Airport], Alberta, CA
CMF3 Lethbridge [Lethbridge (Mercer Field) Aerodrome], Alberta, CA

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