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Location codes 1-16 of 16 in Kuna Yala (Guna Yala), Panamá:

ICAO  IATA  Location
PYC Playón Chico (Ukupseni), Kuna Yala, PA
MPVR PVE El Porvenir, Kuna Yala, PA
CZJ Corazon de Jesus, Kuna Yala, PA
CTE Cartí (Cartí Sugtupu) [Cartí Airport], Cartí Islands, Kuna Yala, PA
RSI Río Sidra, Kuna Yala, PA
MPWN NBL Wannukandi [San Blas], Kuna Yala, PA
NGN Narganá, Kuna Yala, PA
MPOA PUE Puerto Obaldia [Puerto Obaldia Airport], Kuna Yala, PA
MPI Mamitupo, Kuna Yala, PA
MPP Mulatupo, Kuna Yala, PA
ACU Achutupo, Kuna Yala, PA
UTU Ustupo [Ustupo Airport], Kuna Yala, PA
OGM Ustupo Island [Ustupo-Ogobsucum Airport], Kuna Yala, PA
TUE Tupile, Kuna Yala, PA
TUW Tubala, Kuna Yala, PA
AIL Ailigandi, Kuna Yala, PA



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