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Location codes 1-16 of 16 in Primorskiy, Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UHWW VVO Vladivostok [Knevichi Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UHWE EDN Edinka (Yedinka) [Edinka Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UHWT NEI Terney (Ternej) [Terney Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UHHD DLR Dalnerechensk, Primorskiy, RU
UHWK KVR Kavalerovo, Primorskiy, RU
UHTG AEM Amgu, Primorskiy, RU
UHWP TLY Plastun [Plastun Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UHTR RZH Preobrazheniye [Preobrazheniye Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UHTZ Agzu [Agzu Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UHTQ ETL Svetlaya, Primorskiy, RU
DHG Dalnegorsk [Dalnegorsk Airport], Primorskiy, RU
UHTS Samarga, Primorskiy, RU
UHWX Avialift, Primorskiy, RU
UHTM Maksimovka, Primorskiy, RU
UHTU Ust'-Sobolevka, Primorskiy, RU
GC0048 Vozdvizhenka [Vozdvizhenka AB], Primorskiy, RU



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