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Location codes 1-20 of 21 in Tomskaya, Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Location
UNTT TOF Tomsk [Bogashevo Airport], Tomskaya, RU
UNSS SWT Strezhevoy [Strezhevoy Airport], Tomskaya, RU
UNLW Novy Vasyugan, Tomskaya, RU
UNLV Novy'j Vasyugan, Tomskaya, RU
UNTU Sinij Utes, Tomskaya, RU
UNOG Igol 0 Km, Tomskaya, RU
UNLN My'l'Dzhino, Tomskaya, RU
UNCT Kedrovy'j Rtk, Tomskaya, RU
UNLL Kolpashevo, Tomskaya, RU
UNLC Molchanovo Nps, Tomskaya, RU
UNSH Vakhta-40, Tomskaya, RU
UNLK Kargasok, Tomskaya, RU
UNSP Pionerny'j [Pionerny'j Airport], Tomskaya, RU
UNCK Kedrovy'j, Tomskaya, RU
UNSC Pashnya, Tomskaya, RU
UNLT Kolotushnaya, Tomskaya, RU
UNSG Igol Central'ny'j, Tomskaya, RU
UNSE Verkhne-Salatskoe, Tomskaya, RU
UNTB Bakchar, Tomskaya, RU
UNSO Krapivinskaya-Promzona, Tomskaya, RU

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