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Location codes 181-200 of 802 in Alaska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PABM BMX 37AK Big Mountain, Alaska, US
PAVL KVL KVL Kivalina, Alaska, US
PAJZ KGK JZZ Koliganek, Alaska, US
PAPN PIP PNP Pilot Point, Alaska, US
MNT 51Z Minto [Minto Al Wright Airport], Alaska, US
PAEL ELV ELV Elfin Cove [Elfin Cove SPB], Alaska, US
PATG TOG TOG Togiak Village [Togiak Airport], Alaska, US
PAGL GLV GLV Golovin, Alaska, US
PASH SHH SHH Shishmaref, Alaska, US
PATL TLJ TLJ Takotna [Tatalina LRRS Airport], Alaska, US
PFAL AET 6A8 Allakaket, Alaska, US
WFB 5KE Ketchikan [Ketchikan Harbor SPB], Alaska, US
PAGN AGN AGN Angoon [Angoon SPB], Alaska, US
PABT BTT BTT Bettles, Alaska, US
PAZK AK04 Eureka [Skelton Airport], Alaska, US
LIV 4AK Livengood [Livengood Camp Airport], Alaska, US
PADT DDT Slana [Duffy's Tavern Airport], Alaska, US
PAGK GKN GKN Gulkana, Alaska, US
PASK WLK WLK Selawik, Alaska, US
PFKO KOT 2A9 Kotlik, Alaska, US

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