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Location codes 41-60 of 802 in Alaska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PAVD VDZ VDZ Valdez [Valdez Pioneer Field], Alaska, US
WMK 84K Meyers Chuck [Meyers Chuck SPB], Alaska, US
PAPB STG PBV St. George [St. George Airport], Alaska, US
CHP CHP Circle Hot Springs, Alaska, US
PASN SNP SNP St. Paul Island [St. Paul Island Airport], Alaska, US
PADL DLG DLG Dillingham, Alaska, US
PAGS GST GST Gustavus, Alaska, US
SXP SXP Nunam Iqua, Alaska, US
PASD SDP SDP Sand Point, Alaska, US
PAAK AKB AKA Atka, Alaska, US
PAKW KLW AKW Klawock, Alaska, US
PAHP HPB HPB Hooper Bay, Alaska, US
PAMC MCG MCG McGrath [McGrath Airport], Alaska, US
PAIK IAN IAN Kiana [Bob Baker Memorial Airport], Alaska, US
PAGM GAM GAM Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, US
PATA TAL TAL Tanana [Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport], Alaska, US
PAOH HNH HNH Hoonah, Alaska, US
PALJ PTA TPO Port Alsworth, Alaska, US
PAOB OBU OBU Kobuk, Alaska, US
PANT ANN ANN Annette [Annette Island Airport], Alaska, US

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