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Location codes 101-120 of 802 in Alaska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PAGG KWK GGV Kwigillingok, Alaska, US
PAEG EAA EAA Eagle, Alaska, US
PAIL ILI ILI Iliamna, Alaska, US
PAUO WOW UUO Willow, Alaska, US
PAGY SGY SGY Skagway, Alaska, US
PAQT NUI AQT Nuiqsut, Alaska, US
TKI 57A Tokeen [Tokeen SPB], Alaska, US
PANI ANI ANI Aniak, Alaska, US
PALU LUR LUR Cape Lisburne [Cape Lisburne LRRS Airport], Alaska, US
PANR FNR FNR Funter Bay [Funter Bay SPB], Alaska, US
PAMK SMK SMK St. Michael [St. Michael Airport], Alaska, US
PATJ TKJ TKJ Tok, Alaska, US
PAKV KAL KAL Kaltag, Alaska, US
PAFM ABL AFM Ambler, Alaska, US
PAKL LKK LKK Kulik Lake, Alaska, US
PACK CYF CFK Chefornak, Alaska, US
PAAN AK7 Fairbanks [Gold King Creek Airport], Alaska, US
PAML MLY MLY Manley Hot Springs, Alaska, US
PANN ENN ENN Nenana [Muni], Alaska, US
PAGZ GMT GSZ Granite Mountain [Granite Mountain Air Station], Alaska, US

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